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More satisfied and engaged employees perform better. In a Towers Watson study of some 90,000 employees across eighteen countries, companies with the most engaged employees reported a 19 percent increase in operating income, and a 28 percent growth in earnings per share. Companies whose employees had the lowest level of engagement had a 32 percent decline in operating income, and an 11 percent drop in earnings.

Tony Schwartz, “Transforming the Way We Work,” HBR

Investing in your employees’ happiness feeds the company’s bottom line. What do you do in your workplace to engage and satisfy employees? 

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Meeting him across the lawn for the first time would be so ordinary. I don’t want to be just introduced to him. I want it to be something strange and romantic and something I’ll always remember.


I’m too nice. Is there such a thing?

Aren’t we taught to be nice to everyone? No matter what? And if we absolutely cannot find anything to be nice about, then aren’t we talk to walk away? The whole, if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all cliche?  Then again, why do I analyze and measure other people’s kindness, politeness, manners, character? Was I constantly judged on that by my parents? Yes. There’s no grey area in that question. Grey is so important for my sanity, for my thoughts. Grey. I’ll never understand Grey. But I appreciate Grey. It’s the color of uncertainty. There’s only a couple things I’m uncertain of. The rest, I’m very certain of. Life is about decisions to me.. and whether or not I make good or bad decisions, I’m making them. They keep me going. I can’t be Grey. But what balances me. It’s that “maybe, maybe not” thought that goes through my head. It’s that “life isn’t perfect” rationalization that can be used. Grey is like a liberal to me. It’s like the state of California. I love California. I feel more free there. Less judged. I’d like to be more Grey. But I’m not. I’d also like to live in California… 

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